An historic vessel built in Tasmania

SV Rhona H is a classic gaff-rigged vessel built in 1942 in Tasmania. It is made from the best Tasmanian timber: Huon Pine hull, Celery Top decks and Tasmanian Oregon masts. It has traditionsl rigging, 2 timbermasts, 6 traditional handmade sails and authentic wooden blocks.

No winches or roller furlers and it is sailed the traditional way. The SV Rhona H is a part of Tasmania’s history. 

Environmentally friendly

SV Rhona H is environmentally friendly. We use sail power most of the time as opposed to engine power. We sometimes have to use the engine however it only uses 4 litres of diesel an hour. 

We emphasise conservation especially marine conservation.

Customer and Community focus

SV Rhona H is operated by Not for Profit  entity Heritage Sailing Tasmania Ltd. The crew genuinely care about their guests, and want to ensure they have the best time and service. Crew are picked by their experience and friendliness, and the SV Rhona H has a rigid training program for crew to ensure passenger safety. 

The operators and crew are community minded and of good character. Many of the crew volunteer with different organisations and committees. The crew are knowledgable about Tasmanian history and nothing onboard is scripted or a recorded transcript. 

 SV Rhona H is affordable. Heritage Sailing Tasmania has set the price of its tickets in order to ensure that almost everyone can enjoy a trip. Trips are limited to 20 passengers, but only average about 8 to 10 per trip. There is enough seating for everyone as well. 

SV Rhona H is intimate and unique with some quality extras.  You won't be on a "water bus" packed with passengers. You get quality complementary tea, coffee, tea or homemade hot chocolate and refreshments feature Tasmanian produce   You can borrow a warm coatand hot water bottles  if you get cold, we have free sunscreen, and binoculars are available to borrow.