Our Mission

We are in the business of embracing traditional sailing and nautical skills whilst showcasing an historic Tasmanian vessel and Tasmanian waterways. 

1. We take a personal interest in our guests, their experiences and memories of Tasmania. 

2. Our volunteer crew provide high quality experience and take pride in sharing their skills and experiences. 

3. We specialise in traditional sailing and nautical skills and promote all measures to enhance and support the protection of our environment.

 4. Health Promotion is inherent in all our activities:

What a fantastic experience! Being under sail is so quiet. The captain gives instructions, the crew follows, everything is shipshape. No fuss, just the pleasure of being on the water. Thank you so much.
— Janice, September 2017

What We've Achieved

 Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence 2016 and 2017

Luxury Travel Guide Sailing Company of the Year 2017