WHERe do I find you?

Look for Fish Frenzy on Elizabeth Street Pier.

Walk along the pier between the Yellow Pennicott Wilderness Journey boats and the Somerset Hotel towards the harbour.

SV Rhona H is located at the very end of the pier behond the security gates.


Where do you go?

Summer twilight:

90 minute sail-cruise Sail under the Tasman Bridge as evening approaches enjoying your complimentary refreshments. Maybe see wildlife and local yachts as they race on the harbour.


Three hour Lunch sail-cruise (Summer)

Two hour Afternoon tea sail cruise (morning tea on request)

Please refer to the map. See the best of the River Derwent as you enjoy your freshly prepared food.

Last Sunday of each month

(on request): 

Sail the D'Entrecasteaux Channel to Kettering. Includes morning and afternoon tea onboard and lunch at The Bruny Island Gateway Cafe, Kettering.

Long weekends:

Overnight extended Sail-cruise. Choice of destination includes Port Arthur, Recherche Bay, Bruny Island, Port Huon, or Franklin.


map key.JPG

Do you actually sail or just motor around the harbour?


A typical trip includes a brief motor sail to exit the marina and then real sailing (with the motor off). There are 6 sails, so there are sheets to be pulled or halyards to hoist. We encourage guests to take a turn on the wheel if they would like to. We may use the engine from time to time to augment our propulsion.

Our fuel capacity is 400 litres; so far from January 2014 to March 2018 we have refueled just three times. That is an average of 4 litres / hour of diesel.

Can I help sail or do I just watch?

Passengers are welcomed as guests onboard. You are welcome to participate in sailing; assisting with the sails, helming (under supervision) or if you choose you may sit back, relax and watch the crew do the work. No experience is needed. We have had past guests return and join the crew!

What if I get seasick?

It is rare that passengers feel seasick on the SV Rhona H. Because of her long keel and with the wind in her sails, she cuts through the water making for a steady enjoyable trip. f you should feel seasick, ginger tablets and hot water bottles re provided on board, which will cure about 90% of seasickness.

We do not offer any prescription or pharmaceutical remedies, just natural ones.

What should I bring?

 You should bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat (with a string), and a camera with plenty of memory. The SV Rhona H has extra coats on board if it should get cold. But we recommend bringing a jumper or jacket. There is seating below decks if you want to escape the weather.